Hello, I'm Aaron Meese.

Aaron Meese wearing glasses

hacker, writer, programmer

Obviously I'm Aaron Meese, but if you're here, you probably want to know a bit more than that.

While I dabble across a lot of different areas of interest, programming and development will forever be my one true passion. I started working with web development in my freshman year of high school, when my engineering teacher invited me to lead a team for the Technology Student Association's state competition. I ended up learning a lot, loving it, and we placed top 10 in the state. Then the next year we did it again, and for an FBLA competition one of my team's sites placed top three yet again.

I started writing because I have ideas 24/7 and putting them on paper helps clear my head. My biggest issue is that once I get my idea started I'm happy and I never come back to it, so I have 40+ drafts on Medium and only a few mediocre articles I actually ended up finishing and publishing. The first one I'm proud of is my free HTTPS guide, because several people have messaged me that it actually helped them, and I love having a positive impact on people's projects. I always set out to finish off on a good idea I had, then end up thinking of a new idea that I just have to start now before I lose it. Even more likely, I'll think of a way to fix some bug one of my sites has been experiencing and rush to fix that instead.

My first large-scale project is Coupon Booked, which I have been developing for well over a year. When I began, I didn't understand the scope of what I was getting myself in to. That's probably for the best, because if I had I might have never even tried. I've become proficient at SQL queries via PHP scripts that are passed arguments from jQuery AJAX, something I would've cocked my head at you for suggesting a year ago. I've made over 150,000 line changes according to my private GitHub repository analysis and I still have dozens of ideas floating around of things to tweak, add, and rewrite. I started with an initial Android application idea, then aimed to make it cross-platform with Cordova, gave up on iOS because the Apple Developer Program is atrocious, and decided to include iOS anyways via a web interface. Somewhere along the way I realized the app needed a unique look, so I paired up with an artistic friend to design all the icons and give occasional outsider feedback on the look of new features as I added them.

Now I'm working on Google Analytics implementation before release, which is one of the last 10 things I need done before I release it for public feedback. I worked to earn the Beginner and Advanced Google Analytics Certifications, then passed the Google Analytics Individual Certification to make sure I know my stuff. I just applied all I've learned to Coupon Booked to create effective data collection and analysis before release, so I can track where engagement falls off and enact countermeasures to get users to cross the payment threshold.

I had a full ride to Louisiana Tech for Computer Science, but an Army recruiter called me and offered me a Top Secret SCI clearance instead, so I said why not and signed up. Now my educational roadmap is to earn 30 college credits from the Joint Cyber Analysis Course (JCAC), use the military's Tuition Assistance to help me earn an online Bachelor's over the course of my contract, then use my GI Bill once I get out to earn my Master's in Computer Science and ideally a Doctorate in Artificial Intelligence. That's a good ways away though, so I don't have my fingers crossed quite yet.

I'm still working on what direction I want to take this site in, as you can tell. Right now I'm shooting for the 90s script kiddie look, and I think I'm pulling it off pretty well.